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100  Set up Table Saw Fence with Click Rule

John September 9, 2004
This was taught to me by a VA blind center.  Set the Click Rule to the amount you want to cut + 1/8 inch.  The 1/8 is the thickness of the saw blade, so it must be added.  Put the click rule tee flat against the blade on the side away from the fence with the Click Rule pointing toword the fence.  Bring the fence to the Click Rule end.  Then do the same for the other side of the blade.  This will make the blade parallel to the fence.  Push the fence handle down when both the from and back mesurements are the same.. 

101  Set up Table Saw Fence with two click rules.

John September 9, 2004
This was given to me by the Lord.  With just a little practice, you can set up a table saw very quickly without though. 

This will work if two things are true:  Your saw blade is parallel to the Miter Grove & both click rules are the same.  To check if they are the same, pull both of them all the way in and see if they are equal.  Use your normal method to get the fence close.  Put a click rule tab in the miter grove.  It is possible for either miter grove, depending of the size of the cut.  Make sure that the click rule is set for the correct cut with the tab of the click rule on the far side of the miter grove.  Set the other click rule the same as the first.  Put one click rule on the front side of the table saw and the other on the back side.  Push the fence against both click rules and while holding it, press the fence locking handle down.  This may sound hard because of my writing skills, but if you get used to it you will set up your table saw without thinking and very quickly.